Can you modify your beds or casegoods to the dimensions I provide?
Although at Hycraft we pride ourselves on our hand finished quality and design, the larger manufacturing components such as width, length and height are often completed by our fully automated, computer controlled machinery.

To alter the dimensions may also compromise the stability and strength of the design.

Can you colour match furniture for me?
Timber is a natural living product and therefore the grain and structure of each piece is unique reflecting the history and the life of the tree, this is the beauty of the product. It is not possible to achieve a total uniformity of colour within one piece or a total suite. Attempting to colour match an old piece with a new one is not practical as the new furniture will also age and develop a richer deeper colour as time passes. What is perceived as a flaw by some may simply be a characteristic of the timber. Your furniture may differ slightly from the furniture you saw on display in the store due to the grain of the timber or the age of the display suite, however the essence of the colour remains the same. Your Hycraft bedroom suite will improve with age and, over a period of time, will develop a rich natural patina (depth of colour).

Can you stain your bedroom furniture with a stain provided by me?
Our staining process does not allow for one off colour runs, we have a large commercial spray line which allows us to colour multiple pieces of furniture in the same colour at one time. The staining and finishing products we use are selected with great care, they have been tried and tested over a long period of time to ensure a quality finish on all the Hycraft furniture pieces that you order.

Can I provide handles for you to fit to the casegoods I order?
The handles are usually different on each one of our designs with good reason, during our design process for each suite the selection of handles is an important element of the overall look of each piece. To alter the handles can change the finished product completely. We also have specific manufacturing processes to consider for each product which doesn’t always allow such alterations. However we have provided case-goods without pre-drilling for handles to customers in the past.

Why should I purchase my casegoods at the same time as my bed?
There are many reasons for this, to ensure that all of your pieces have timber selected by our tradesmen that will provide you with the best possible matching of grain and texture on visible features like drawer fronts and tops.

Secondly to insure that all of your pieces are sprayed and finished under the same conditions to enable the best possible continuity of colour.

Your original order will develop a richer depth of colour as time passes, an additional piece ordered at a later time than your original order may not age with the same natural colour, as every piece of timber has its own identity that comes with being a natural living product.